Are You Asking the Right Questions?

It’s always smart to look beyond the obvious. Maybe management is asking the wrong questions. Performance improvement does not come from just doing more of the same thing.

Forecasting the Unexpected

The problem with forecasts is that they predict future happenings based on past trends. Although this is not a bad approach, there are cases when outcomes do not follow proven patterns and, instead, something totally unexpected happens.

Are supply chain risk assessment and management CFO issues?

Supply chain disruption interrupts the flow of goods, and that means it has the potential to have a major effect on a company’s financials. Here’s what business leaders — including CFOs — should know about the effects and insurance considerations.

Flying Blind?

In our supply chains, we are used to flying blind and operating with little or no visibility of inventories, shipments, and activities beyond our own warehouses. Just imagine how much more effective management could be with supply chain radar?

Will Autonomous Cars and Robots Learn “Social Graces”?

There has been much in the press about self-driving cars and how the logic built into these vehicles may adhere to traffic rules but may have trouble in the real world. The same applies to robots used in manufacturing plants and limits their use much the same way that the need to recognize the possibility of unpredictable human behavior.

The Effect of Automation on Today’s Labor

Automation continues to be a very significant factor in the loss of manufacturing jobs but there is still ample opportunity for workers to acclimate and thrive, as long as people are willing and able to change. Otherwise, it is likely that their earning potentials will unfortunately fall down the ravine of the U-shaped labor market.

3D Printing a Game-Changer?

3D printing can make a dramatic difference for manufacturing, but not in the way you might expect. Today’s 3D printing technology may not be useful for the future of high volume consumer product manufacturing, but here is an example that could ‘change the game’ in a very significant way.

Digital manufacturing apps?

Digital manufacturing is a strategy. Ideally, this comprehensive strategy for managing and sharing engineering data — product definitions, bills of materials (BOM), engineering specifications, etc. — through the entire product lifecycle can be valuable for design improvement, product support and logistics.

Achieving Inventory Nirvana

Do you know the current inventory turns measurement for your company? Do you have a goal for improving that performance? These are important questions for any company that has inventory.

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