10 million iPhones

Just three days after the launch the entire initial stock planned for the release of the Apple iPhone 6 was committed – someone had to forecast what the demand would be.

Suppliers vs. Partners

Your business has suppliers that provide you with materials, parts, products, supplies and services — there’s no relationship beyond the transactions themselves. But there are other suppliers with which you have an ongoing relationship.

People are open to new things

Inventor Charles Kettering (1876 – 1958) said: “People are very open-minded about new things, as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.” I have to agree with that.

Vertical Integration (and the Extended Supply Chain)

When a manufacturer owns or controls its suppliers—often with the aim of managing availability, quality, and cost—that’s called vertical integration. While common practice a century ago, vertical integration has fallen out of favor …

Keeping inventory fully stocked

Reaching back to the the village blacksmith shop a couple hundred years ago. This manual approach to material management is simple and effective — as long as conditions remain stable.

Made in the USA

The push to increase manufacturing in the US is continuing to garner headlines, with Wal-Mart taking positive steps to increase the number of US-made products in its stores and new government programs to bolster manufacturing and train people to fill the jobs being created.

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