Manufacturers rely on ERP Software

ERP has continued to evolve, encompassing more of the business and extending through the supply chain to become the primary vehicle for coordinating activities with suppliers and distributors as well as driving the efficient operations that make up the world of commerce in the 21st century.

It’s all about Lead Time

Lead time is arguably the most important factor in manufacturing and distribution. To a great extent, it determines how you set up your business, what inventory you carry and where/why, what you can offer to your customers, and how agile and responsive you can be to changing conditions and changing demand.

3D printing gains traction

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3D printing is radically changing the world of knee and hip implants. At best, the replacement joint is a reasonable fit and quite functional. This is an ideal use of 3D printing and represents a radical change in the way replacement joints are made and used . . . but is the technology ready yet?

RFID makes supply chains more efficient and responsive

Radio Frequency Identification is carving an ever larger place in the world of retail and consumer goods. As a possible replacement for the now ubiquitous bar-codes, RFID offers some interesting and valuable benefits, but there are some challenges as well.

Demand Driven MRP

In today’s volatile, globally competitive environment, new decision-making tools are required to monitor, measure, and improve total organizational performance. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a pull methodology to plan inventories and materials.

Taking control of supply and demand

Anyone on the marketing and sales side of things is likely to be oriented toward satisfying whatever demand they can find . . . but that may not be the best way to run a business.

Regional Sourcing

Does your company do business in a local or regional market or do you focus on importing parts and materials while exporting products? If it’s the former, you may be ahead of your time.

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