UPC versus RFID

Virtually every consumer product in the market has a Universal Product Code on it and RFID tags enable even tighter inventory control and precise tracking. Why hasn’t RFID technology replaced the UPC bar code, though?

About the Fresh Connection

The Fresh Connection simulation tool provides the foundation for a new level of supply chain training. Participants gain hands-on experience and insight into interactions between inventory policies, production schedules, supplier relationships, customer service commitments, logistical challenges and more!

Don’t forget the basics

ERP and other information systems are only as good as the people that are using them. Do your system users understand what they’re doing and why or are they just following procedures?

Being Demand Driven in an MRP world

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is not as responsive or efficient as we’d like it to be. A new approach takes the best features of MRP and adds on lean and constraint-based features to make it more demand-driven and more effective for today’s manufacturing challenges.

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