How will augmented reality technology benefit manufacturing?

Manufacturing stands to gain tremendous benefits from augmented reality technology, and savvy leaders will learn about the possibilities now. The technology will experience a virtual explosion in use as designers create ecosystems to speed the development of applications.

Digital Manufacturing in the Experience Economy

We are entering the Experience Economy where customers are most interested in building memories, rather than in owning products or receiving a service. Economists and pundits alike are noting this major change in the business world to be as significant as the changes from an agricultural economy to the industrial age and from the industrial age to the service economy, which the developed world has traveled over the last two centuries.

How quickly is IoT growth producing a trillion-node network?

The explosion of IoT growth and IIoT growth is bringing huge numbers of connected devices into the global network of the Internet. Take a look at how the number of ‘smart’ objects, devices and other connected things is growing, with profound expansions into areas that affect supply chain management.

Digital Manufacturing in the Industrial Internet of Things

Physical products can’t be produced digitally, but digital resources can and do support manufacturing in a big way. Although manufacturing has made use of computers for decades, ever more powerful systems, sophisticated software, the Internet, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have expanded the digital world of manufacturing . . .

Why IoT sensors are game changers in supply chain analytics

Any discussion of analytics today has to include some consideration of the impact of the industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, the proliferation of sensors and connected devices that are the source of much of the big data that analytics feeds on. What’s different — or not different — about IoT sensors and devices? Where and how are they being used? And how does this all fit with big data and analytics?

Merry Everything!!

Hello from beautiful New Hampshire where it’s almost December 25th and we’ve only had a dusting of snow! We know you’re busy with end-of-year activities, holiday preparations and the general craziness we all impose on ourselves. Nevertheless, we hope you’ll get to take some time out for yourself and reflect on everything that’s good in your life. We both wish you a joyful holiday season and an outstanding and fruitful 2017! — Dave and Debby

December Schedules

December is often a rather strange month in the life of the manufacturing plant. There may be some seasonal demand effects to deal with (lower actual demand and lower production objectives in many cases) and there are often schedule reductions to be accommodated due to holiday shut-downs and the policy in many companies of encouraging employees to use vacation time before the end of the year.

An SPC Lesson from the NFL?

Near the end of the 2014–2015 National Football League (NFL) playoff series, the New England Patriots were accused of using under-inflated footballs to gain an advantage in the semi-final game. The controversy was quickly labeled “Deflategate” by the news media, and the team and its quarter back, Tom Brady, were punished

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