Dave knows manufacturing, supply chain and the software and systems that enable and support them.

As an experienced consultant, analyst, industry observer, and member of the press, Dave knows the industry from many perspectives – user, implementation team leader and advisor, consultant to software developers, vendor sales affiliate, pre-sale and post-sale consultant, educator, analyst, journalist. In addition to Market Analysis, Case Studies and White Papers that are described in more detail on the following pages, Dave can help with your Marketing Collaterals, Webinars, Podcasts and other Presentations or create Web content or Blogs.

As a subject matter expert with over thirty years experience, Dave has:

  • completed market research projects for a number of software vendors (product positioning, competitive analysis),
  • created website content, written white papers, case studies and marketing collaterals and developed and taught education materials
  • served as project manager during the development phase for new software roll-outs and initiated projects to add new products (justification, partner research and selection, integration project management)
  • headed marketing teams for naming, packaging and roll-out of new products including weekly lead generation webinars, white papers and other collaterals
  • founded and was Editor-in-Chief of Midrange ERP magazine (later renamed Midrange Enterprise) for small-to-medium (SMB) manufacturers.  He did the analysis and created the annual Buyers Guide Directory.  Sister publications were APS magazine and FLOW Manufacturing Report, all acquired by Penton Media, Inc.
  • written six books for the manufacturing industry

Market Analysis

With Dave’s unique knowledge of both manufacturing and manufacturing software, he can help your marketing team develop product strategy, the direction of future development, market opportunities and challenges, competitive position, acquisitions or divestitures.

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White Papers

White papers make great lead-generation premiums to be used as an incentive for prospects to sign up for and attend webinars or simply to provide their contact information. One white paper that I wrote more than 5 years ago is still being offered today as a reward for webinar attendance.

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Case Studies

Case Studies (customer success stories) can be used as educational or marketing handouts or web site downloads, and can tell users how other companies have achieved success with a specific software product or application.

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Web Content / Blogs

Do you have a new technology, a new approach, or a unique product, only to find that much of your marketing is “missionary work”, explaining the technology and its benefits before you can even introduce the product?

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Marketing Collaterals

In addition to White Papers and Case Studies, Dave is experienced in quickly producing the copy for an assortment of marketing collaterals and support documents including brochures, general information manuals, release notes, data sheets, website content, executive briefs, webinar visuals and scripts, and more.

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Webinars / Podcasts /

Dave is available to present, in-person or online, to your user group, conference, or sales meeting to discuss virtually any aspect of manufacturing or supply chain management concepts, the state of the market, future trends, or supply chain / manufacturing software and its use.

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Testimonials from Vendors and Marketing clients