10 million iPhones

Just three days after the launch the entire initial stock planned for the release of the Apple iPhone 6 was committed – someone had to forecast what the demand would be.

Keeping inventory fully stocked

Reaching back to the the village blacksmith shop a couple hundred years ago. This manual approach to material management is simple and effective — as long as conditions remain stable.

Rebuilding U.S. Manufacturing

China has become the world’s factory because of the availability of lots of labor at very low rates, but many of these outsourcing decisions were made a decade ago and conditions have been changing . . .

For Emergency Use Only

Carrying the right amount of safety stock . . .
While safety stock is necessary for avoiding disruptions and delivering an acceptable level of customer service, it also is an easy thing to abuse.

The Other Side of the Equation

We supply chain and operations management professionals tend to think of demand as a given. It is what it is, and the job is to use resources to meet demand in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Modern supply chain links are strong

Manufacturers used to focus on production and material costs in their attempts to control expenses and improve margins. Those gains are becoming harder to achieve now that most of the “fat” has been cut, so companies are looking to logistics costs — warehousing and transportation — for savings.

To improve or not-to improve?

Advice and Assistance for Manufacturers.
January 2014.
Part of the planning and justification for any improvement project – equipment upgrades, process changes, ERP upgrade or replacement, lean initiative, new product launch, etc. – must also consider timing.

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