You Want it When?

E-commerce is growing rapidly forcing traditional retailers to close stores, increase the E-commerce side of the business, adjust the way they deliver products and make many other changes.

Forecasting the Unexpected

The problem with forecasts is that they predict future happenings based on past trends. Although this is not a bad approach, there are cases when outcomes do not follow proven patterns and, instead, something totally unexpected happens.

Are supply chain risk assessment and management CFO issues?

Supply chain disruption interrupts the flow of goods, and that means it has the potential to have a major effect on a company’s financials. Here’s what business leaders — including CFOs — should know about the effects and insurance considerations.

Digital manufacturing apps?

Digital manufacturing is a strategy. Ideally, this comprehensive strategy for managing and sharing engineering data — product definitions, bills of materials (BOM), engineering specifications, etc. — through the entire product lifecycle can be valuable for design improvement, product support and logistics.

Digital Manufacturing in the Industrial Internet of Things

Physical products can’t be produced digitally, but digital resources can and do support manufacturing in a big way. Although manufacturing has made use of computers for decades, ever more powerful systems, sophisticated software, the Internet, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have expanded the digital world of manufacturing . . .

Should you use standard mobile devices for mobile logistics?

An increasing number of companies are outfitting their vehicles with consumer-grade devices to keep in touch with drivers while they’re on the road. Although this approach is prolific and inexpensive this strategy has some risks.

Delivering customer value

The merger of the American Society of Transportation and Logistics with APICS illustrates the stature of these essential distribution resources. We depend on the effective functioning of the inbound and outbound supply chain in order to deliver customer value.

Logistics, supply-chain mastery play key roles in achieving success

Two of the largest and most successful companies in the world achieved and maintain their success by mastering the supply chain. Wal-Mart took logistics to new heights, bringing big city, low prices and convenience to rural areas. Apple dominates its chosen markets through innovation but also benefits greatly from a single-minded focus on operational excellence.

About the Fresh Connection

The Fresh Connection simulation tool provides the foundation for a new level of supply chain training. Participants gain hands-on experience and insight into interactions between inventory policies, production schedules, supplier relationships, customer service commitments, logistical challenges and more!

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