Being Demand Driven in an MRP world

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is not as responsive or efficient as we’d like it to be. A new approach takes the best features of MRP and adds on lean and constraint-based features to make it more demand-driven and more effective for today’s manufacturing challenges.

A Time-Tested Technique

Material requirements planning (MRP) is the calculation of potential shortages and replenishment activity from the master schedule using the bill of material and inventory availability data. Developed in the early 1950s, the basic approach still is at the center of every enterprise resources planning (ERP) system more than half a century later.

Just because you can … doesn’t mean you should

May 2012.
Technology gives us new capabilities all the time and many of them are vital tools for gaining and maintaining a competitive edge. But tools must be viewed and applied in context to be of benefit.

A Capacity for Action

While this doesn’t seem logical, the “plan materials first, then check capacity” process has been with us since the 1960s, when MRP first was defined and computer resources were scarce and expensive.  Today, the computing power necessary to plan material … Continued

Enterprise Systems for All

I recently have noticed several promotions, e-mails, articles, and Webinars focused on Enterprise resources planning (ERP) for small and midsized businesses (SMBs).  The overall tone of these messages implies that ERP is the domain of the big companies and is … Continued

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