What’s in your holiday stocking?

Business and profits can increase in the coming year, new products can soar to unexpected heights, inventories can shrink (in a good way) and productivity can reach an all-time high. Now here’s the bad news: none of these things will be delivered into the stocking hung on the fireplace mantel by some jolly fat man in a soot-stained red suit.

New Inventory Strategy: Deploying Inventory Based on Lead Times (Webinar)

All manufacturers have inventory—in the warehouse, in the plant, and in the supply chain. And they want to reduce inventory while avoiding shortages. The key is knowing which inventory is needed and where. The “what” and “where” are as important … Continued

Happy New Year – part 2

August 2012.
Advice and Assistance for Manufacturers.
In many ways, Labor Day marks the beginning of a new year. Of course school starts up again after summer recess, but September can also be a time to initiate or re-start improvement activities at work.

Seeing Green

While there are considerable regulatory, special-interest, and market-driven pressures to go green, companies are unlikely to do much more than the bare minimum unless there also are good business reasons to do so. That is especially true in these times of economic … Continued

Your Shore or Mine?

Several years ago, it was almost fashionable to outsource to low-wage areas of the world to reduce costs. Business leaders developed the mind-set of “off shoring is always cheaper:’ and they scarcely looked beyond unit cost plus transportation.

Is America still No. 1? Does it matter?

Reprinted from Portsmouth Herald / Seacoastonline.com –10 February 21, 2011.

Recent reports from the U.N. and several industry associations indicate that China may have overtaken the United States as the world’s top producer. For as long as anyone can remember, the United States has led the world in industrial output — by a large margin. Over the last few years, however, Chinese production has been soaring while United States output has increased at a relatively modest pace.

Manufacturing Is Looking Up

February 2011
Advice and Assistance for Manufacturers
News reports this week are highlighting the relative good health of the manufacturing segment. Most prominently, the Institute for Supply Management index for January came in at 60.8, the 18th straight month that this measure has indicated expansion (above 50).

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