The Fresh Connection simulation tool provides the foundation for a new level of supply chain
training. Participants gain hands-on experience and insight into interactions between:

  • inventory policies
  • production schedules
  • supplier relationships
  • customer service commitments
  • logistical challenges
  • and more!

Teams of four representing Purchasing, Operations, Customer Service and Supply Chain take decision-making roles at The Fresh Connection, a bottler of fruit juice drinks, through successive ‘rounds’, each representing a 6-month cycle of business, in an attempt to address its challenges and return the company to profitability. Each round takes about 90 minutes and is followed by an analysis and critique. Calculations determine the effect of decisions made over the next 6 months of operation. Successive rounds introduce additional challenges. Additional factors can be brought in to introduce supply chain risk, carbon footprint, VMI, external collaboration, market dynamics, outsourced warehouses, changes to production, & more.

The Fresh Connection simulation tool models the supply chain and clearly shows the interactions between functional areas.

  1. VP of Purchasing selects suppliers, negotiating for quality level, reliability, lead time, and other options.
  2. VP Production manages equipment, shifts, manpower, and warehouses.
  3. VP of Sales negotiates service level, shelf life, ordering parameters, promotions and payment terms with customers.
  4. VP of Supply Chain defines component safety stock and lot sizes, production frozen zone, production cycle and safety stock for products.

Participants learn:

  • How to create an operation strategy consistent with business needs
  • Planning, execution, supplier and customer relationships
  • Making decisions regarding trade-offs between speed and cost, quality and value, strategies and investments, supplier capabilities, customer promises, and more
  • How to work collaboratively and communicate effectively
  • The complex interactions across the company and the supply chain
  • Managing supply chain risk, factoring sustainability into operational decisions
  • And much more… in a safe and fun simulation environment

Training Formats:

Depending on the depth of the learning experience participating companies aim for and the amount of time they are willing and able to spend, The Fresh Connection learning program can be delivered in various setups, The simulation-based training can be on-site, in open enrollment events, and online. Training programs range from several half-day sessions, full-day workshop, two-day workshop (most effective), or an extended ‘academy’.

  • Event, Core version of the game, half a day, facilitator present, no extra training, online or classroom
  • Workshop, Core version of the game, 1 to 2 days, facilitator present, training provided, online or classroom
  • Competition, Extended version of the game, multiple weeks (e.g. one round per week), facilitator and training provided if required, online or classroom
  • Academy, Extended version of the game.  Additional themes (SC strategy, SC risk, S&OP, sustainability, external collaboration, and market dynamics), one to two days per supply chain theme, facilitator and training provided, classroom

The Fresh Connection training experience is now available through Production Solutions. Dave Turbide, certified trainer, can deliver The Fresh Connection learning experience at your facility, in open enrollment workshops, or as part of a comprehensive supply chain training “academy”.

For more information CALL (603) 964-6903 or email us.

The Fresh Connection supply chain simulation tool was used in the APICS 2013 Student Case Competition and is the foundation for an International supply chain competition (more than 300 company teams from over 25 countries) known as The Fresh Connection Global Challenge. Since 2008, The Fresh Connection has been experienced by more than 10,000 professionals in 500 companies across the world.

“Operations and SCM professionals depend on innovative tools like The Fresh Connection game to ensure their success in the global marketplace.”
— Abe Eshkenazi, CEO APICS